The characteristics and functions of table lamps

Reading volume: 457     Publish Time: 2021-07-25

Function: If the main bai is for decoration, it is easy to read, study, and work. The table lamp has far surpassed the value of the table lamp itself, and the table lamp has become a work of art.


1. Advantages of wrought iron table lamp: stylish, modern, diverse in shape, suitable for decoration and versatile, low price.

2. Advantages of crystal table lamp: suitable for luxurious decoration, beautiful, high-grade, large size, heavy and luxurious. 

3. Wooden table lamp: Advantages: classic, simple in shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, moderate price. 

4. Advantages of acrylic table lamp: small size, low price, easy to carry. 

5. Advantages of resin table lamp: suitable for European style decoration, the structure of the lamp body is complex, and the style is noble and elegant. 

6. Advantages of jade table lamp: exquisite and transparent, high collection value.

7. Advantages of ceramic table lamp: artistic, classical, diverse styles, strong ornamental, durable, moderate price. 

Extended information:

To really play the role of the table lamp, you should first understand the characteristics of the table lamp. Otherwise, even the best desk lamp, if used improperly, will be harmful to the eyes. The light source of the desk lamp is relatively concentrated and has strong directivity. When studying, if the lamp is close, the light is too strong and it is easy to hurt the eyes; if the lamp is far away, the light will dim, and it will be easily blocked by the hands, head or upper body.

Therefore, when studying and reading, the light is often too bright or too dark. It is difficult for ordinary people to grasp whether the light is suitable or not, and it is difficult to pay attention to their body posture at all times. This is why it is necessary to monitor the desk lamp with the help of brightness measurement tools such as photometric pens. The cause of the light. Therefore, a good light source, coupled with appropriate brightness, can make the table lamp play its due role. Both are indispensable.