The characteristics and uses of chandelier

Reading volume: 514     Publish Time: 2021-11-25

The role of the chandelier is to decorate the interior, and the style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the house.

Generally, chandeliers are divided into single-head chandeliers and multi-head chandeliers;

①Single-head chandelier is mostly used in restaurants or kitchens. The installation height of common restaurant single-head chandelier will determine the hanging height of restaurant single-head chandelier according to factors such as restaurant size, table height, room floor height, etc., and restaurant single-head chandelier is in the choice Attention should also be paid to details, because the brightness of the restaurant’s single-head chandelier directly affects the diners’ vision and mood;

②Multi-headed chandeliers are mostly used in the living room. The choice of multi-headed chandeliers in the living room will be determined according to the area and height of the living room. If it is a small-sized living room, it is recommended to choose a ceiling lamp. On the contrary, a large-sized living room can choose a stable and generous chandelier as the main light.

Precautions for purchasing chandelier:

1. The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground;

2. The hook of the chandelier is very important. It must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight of the chandelier, otherwise the chandelier will fall and hurt people;

3. The height of the suspension, the material and form of the lampshade and the lamp ball must be carefully selected to avoid uncomfortable glare;

4. It is best for consumers to choose chandeliers that can be installed with energy-saving light sources instead of chandeliers with electroplated layers;

Summary: The function of the chandelier is to decorate the interior and beautify the home. The characteristic of the chandelier is eye-catching. Generally speaking, the style of the chandelier will directly affect the style of the entire living room. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, you should choose more according to the size of the house. A chandelier that suits you.