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The Rattan lamps is handcrafted with high-quality materials, perfectly combining traditional weaving art and decoration, adding a unique scenery to your living space. Rattan lights can create an atmosphere in any space, courtyards, terraces, restaurants, cafes, salons, museums and other places are suitable choices.

Weaving process of outdoor pe rattan lamp

The weaving process of outdoor plastic rattan lights requires both skill and experience as well as some basic tools. The following is the general weaving process of outdoor plastic rattan lamps:

1. Prepare tools and materials: First of all, you need to prepare basic tools such as plastic rattan, scissors, pliers, and knitting needles required for plastic rattan weaving. At the same time, you need to prepare a suitable lamp or wick.

2. Measure the size: According to the size and shape of the required lamps, use a tape measure or other measuring tools to measure the required length and size of the plastic rattan.

3. Weaving preparation: According to the desired weaving shape and style, cut the plastic rattan into a suitable length, and soak it in hot water for a period of time to make it soft and easy to weave.

4. Weaving process: Depending on the desired shape and style, different weaving methods are used. Usually simple weaving methods such as cross weaving, textile weaving, etc. can be used. Gradually weave the woven rattan into the desired shape and structure.

5. Shaping and fixing: After finishing weaving, use pliers or other tools to trim and shape to make it more uniform and beautiful. At the same time, use ropes or tethers to securely fix the woven rattan to the lamps to ensure its firmness and stability.

6. Install the wick or lamp: Install the prepared wick or lamp on the woven rattan, and make sure it is stable and safe.

7. Inspection and adjustment: Check whether there is any looseness or defect in the whole weaving process, and make necessary adjustments and repairs if necessary to ensure that the woven rattan lamps are complete, firm and beautiful.

8. Finishing and Care: After the entire weaving process is complete, make final adjustments and finishes, and perform the necessary care and cleaning as needed to keep it in good shape and function.

The weaving methods and crafts of outdoor plastic rattan lamps may vary due to product design and the technical level of the maker. Different designs and styles can also try different weaving methods and material collocations to create more diverse outdoor plastic rattan lamp works.

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