Our Advantages

We are a professional manufacturer of lighting products in China, specializing in woven craft outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, garden lights, garden lights and custom lighting solutions. We can offer the most competitive prices. 150 well-trained workers and a development team with over 15 years of experience in the industry can provide stable production capacity and custom design services for your needs.

  • Industry Experience
    Industry Experience
    The company has been established since more than 15 years of professional lighting industry manufacturing and development experience, the effectiveness of new ideas workplace for us to provide and improve the efficiency of our partners.
  • Production Base
    Production Base
    Own factory and independent technology research and development Equipped with independent showroom and production workshop and assembly workshop, we have complete production equipment to provide good product service for our customers.
  • Certification
    XINSANXING has obtained factory ISO9001 and BSCI certifications, CE and RoHS product certifications for European market demand, and ETL product certifications for North American market demand. Scientific quality management system.
  • High quality service support
    High quality service support
    Fast response, high degree of cooperation, from before the sale, during the sale, after the sale of the whole tracking type service. For customers to eliminate worries, quickly solve a variety of related problems, with quality service and reputation to win the trust of customers and the community's wide recognition.

Product Processing Process 

The company set up a branch factory in Bobai County, Guangxi, the hometown of weaving in China, with fast and convenient access to materials and large production capacity, the design concept of products, the hands of the old local weaving artists can be fully realized.

Customer Product Cooperation Cases

After years of exploration, our factory has developed and produced a variety of categories of outdoor lighting products, which are exported to North America, Europe, Africa and some Asian countries. We have finally won the praise of overseas customers. more than 10 years of steady development have helped us to improve certain core competitiveness. Work with us to inspire seller loyalty in all your fulfillment channels. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative outdoor patio lights, we are here to help you succeed.


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