Natural Material Rattan Lamp

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    Look it!Featuring a basket design and woven rattan construction, this Woven Rattan Lamp will definitely add appeal to your farmhouse aesthetic. The uniquely designed focal point of this lamp is the perfect choice for a desk, console monitor or nightstand. Featuring a neutral color tone, this light fits easily wherever you place it! The unique shape of this rattan lampshade makes it an eye-catcher in any room. And can provide excellent lighting for your home. This eye-catcher from the XSXLight brand guarantees beautiful light entry.This Woven Rattan Lamp looks natural, exquisite and quality, it should be a good choice for your garden and home decoration.We love it!Product material:Metal iron frame, bamboo rattan lampshadeShipping:We have a cooperative sea line, or you can use your own logistics line.Customization:Logotipo personalizado (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces) , Embalaje personalizado (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces) , Personalización gráfica (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces)
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