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The product features high precision. The machines are equipped with control probes that allow the dimensions to be checked while the piece is still in the machine, thus avoiding repositioning that would decrease the required precision. .
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  • Modern and retro natural handmade rattan lamp | XINSANXING
    Modern and retro natural handmade rattan lamp | XINSANXING
    💥 Modern and retro natural handmade rattan lamp:❤️ Natural rattan pendant lamps are a popular way to add a natural and welcoming accent to any room. Rattan is a natural substance that is braided together to create a rustic and one-of-a-kind appearance. It provides a cozy, relaxed ambiance to any space, while still being contemporary and stylish. It also adds a bit of natural texture and color to a room. They are also an excellent addition to the lighting in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, giving gentle and warm illumination.The design of rattan light is inspired by farmhouse and natural theme, unique design, simple but elegant. The rattan light is decorative, durable.Product material:Metal iron frame, bamboo rattan lampshadeShipping:We have a cooperative sea line, or you can use your own logistics lineOEM & ODM: SupportCustomization:Logotipo personalizado (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces) , Embalaje personalizado (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces) , Personalización gráfica (Pedido mínimo: 500 pieces)
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