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July 28, 2023

What are the features of solar rattan lamps?

The concept and background information of solar rattan lamps

- Solar rattan lamp is an outdoor lighting equipment powered by solar energy, which has more advantages than traditional grid-powered lighting equipment. It uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, stores energy through storage batteries, and emits soft and warm light at night or in low-light environments. Solar rattan lamps can be woven according to individual needs to adapt to different landscape environments and space layouts.

- The background of solar rattan lamps can be traced back to the increasing demand for sustainable energy and environmental awareness. Traditional lighting equipment is powered by the grid, which relies heavily on transmission lines and power resources, which not only wastes energy, but also causes environmental pollution. The solar rattan lamp uses solar energy as green energy, has the advantages of zero pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and has become a popular outdoor lighting equipment.

- As a clean and renewable energy source, solar energy has broken the limitations of traditional lighting equipment in the field of lighting. Solar rattan lights not only play a lighting function in landscape design, but also can achieve decorative and artistic purposes through flexible weaving design. For example, arranging solar rattan lights in the outdoor garden can not only provide light lighting, but also create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

- In addition, the technological innovation and intelligent control characteristics of solar rattan lamps have also attracted people's attention. Through the automatic control system, the solar rattan lamp can be automatically switched on and off according to the ambient brightness, thereby reducing energy waste. Some high-level solar rattan lamps are also equipped with smart sensors, which can automatically turn on or adjust the brightness according to human activities, providing a more intelligent use experience.


Features of solar rattan lamps

1. Utilization of sustainable energy: the use and advantages of solar energy

- Solar rattan lamps use solar energy as the main energy supply, which has significant advantages in sustainable development. Solar energy is an infinitely renewable energy source. In areas with sufficient sunlight, solar radiation energy can be converted into electrical energy through solar panels for solar rattan lamps to emit light.

- The use of solar energy is environmentally friendly and can reduce dependence on traditional power sources. Compared with traditional lighting equipment powered by the grid, solar rattan lamps do not need to consume fossil fuels, and will not produce harmful gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and negative impacts on climate change.

- In addition, the solar panel of the solar rattan lamp can store the energy collected during the day by storing batteries, which makes it possible to provide continuous lighting at night or in environments with insufficient light such as clouds. This storable feature enables the solar rattan lamp to have independent power supply capability, and can emit light normally without continuous sunlight, thereby increasing the reliability and service time of the lamp.

2. Flexible and diverse weaving design:

- Solar rattan lamps have flexible and diverse weaving designs, and can be customized in different styles and shapes according to individual needs and environmental characteristics.

- First of all, the weaving material of the solar rattan lamp can be natural rattan material or soft and flexible plastic or rope, which makes the rattan lamp have the characteristics of bendable and adjustable shape. People can weave rattan lamps into different shapes such as straight lines, curves, rings, and flowers according to needs, so as to adapt to different outdoor scenes and decoration requirements.

- Secondly, the solar rattan lamp can also incorporate various decorative elements, such as flowers, butterflies, stars, etc., through clever weaving and color matching, the solar rattan lamp is more beautiful.

- In addition, the solar rattan lamp can also set the layout and quantity of lamp beads according to the required lighting effect. For example, the lamp beads can be densely woven together to achieve a bright lighting effect; or the lamp beads can be woven separately to achieve a soft and warm lighting effect.


These flexible and diverse weaving designs endow solar rattan lights with more decoration and artistry, and also provide more personalized and creative outdoor lighting options.

We have many styles of woven art lighting to choose from, and we have a professional design team to meet your design needs and support OEM/ODM.

3. Materials and techniques suitable for outdoor use

- Solar rattan lights are often used in outdoor environments, so the material selection and technical requirements are relatively high, especially for waterproof and UV resistance.

- First of all, the weaving material of solar rattan lights is usually selected from materials with strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance. For example, materials such as PE ropes and PVC plastics with excellent weather resistance and UV resistance can be used in outdoor environments for a long time without aging and damage.

- Secondly, the solar panels of solar rattan lights are usually made of corrosion-resistant and highly transparent materials. Traditional solar panels mostly use silicon wafers or polysilicon materials, which can resist wind, rain and ultraviolet erosion, and have good light absorption and conversion efficiency.

- In addition, the battery box and controller of the solar rattan lamp also need to have the characteristics of waterproof and sunscreen. These parts usually use special sealing technology and material selection, such as O-rings, waterproof capsules, etc., to achieve a high level of waterproof performance and ensure the normal operation of solar rattan lights under different climatic conditions.


Material selection


High-quality accessories


Effect display

The material selection and technical requirements for waterproof and sun protection ensure the safety and reliability of solar rattan lights in outdoor environments, and improve their service life and risk resistance.

4. Automation and intelligent control:

- The solar rattan lamp has an automatic and intelligent control system, which makes it more intelligent, convenient and energy-saving.

- First of all, the solar rattan lamp is equipped with a light sensor, which can realize automatic switching according to the change of ambient brightness. During the day when there is sufficient light, the solar rattan lights will automatically turn off to save energy; when it is dark or the light is not enough, they will automatically turn on to provide illumination.

- Secondly, some high-level solar rattan lights are also equipped with smart sensors, which can automatically turn on or adjust the brightness according to human activities. For example, when someone passes by, the solar rattan lamp can detect the heat of the human body through the sensor and automatically turn on or increase the brightness to provide brighter and safer lighting effects.

- In addition, the solar rattan lamp also has functions such as timing switch and remote control, so that users can pre-set the switch time according to their needs or conveniently control the switch and brightness of the solar rattan lamp through remote devices such as mobile phones.

These automated and intelligent functions make the solar rattan lights more convenient and intelligent, and also improve energy efficiency and reduce manual operations and energy waste.

We are a leading rattan lighting manufacturer in China. We have 16 years of experience in lighting manufacturing and exporting. We focus on the design and production of indoor and outdoor rattan art decoration lamps. Cooperating with us, you can get the most competitive price and the most perfect after-sales service.

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