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August 11, 2023
What problems do custom solar bamboo rattan lamps usually encounter ? 

As an innovative lighting device, solar bamboo rattan lamps have attracted more and more people's attention and love. This article will discuss in detail the custom market trend of solar bamboo rattan lamps, its importance in outdoor and indoor landscape design, and common problems, so as to help readers better understand and use solar bamboo rattan lamps.

🔊 The market trend of solar bamboo rattan lamp customization

1. Market demand growth: As people pay more attention to green and environmental protection products, solar bamboo rattan lamps, as a renewable energy lighting device, have attracted more and more consumers' attention and demand.

2. Personalized customization: With people's pursuit of personalized products, customized solar bamboo rattan lamps have gradually become a field with huge market potential. Consumers can customize the shape, color, and lighting effects of solar bamboo rattan lamps according to their preferences to meet their personal needs.

3. Technological innovation: The solar bamboo rattan lamp industry continues to carry out technological innovations, continuously improving the efficiency of solar panels, increasing battery storage capacity, improving lighting effects, etc., to meet the customization needs of different customers.

🔊 The importance of solar bamboo rattan lamps in outdoor and indoor landscape design

1. Add aesthetics: The flexibility and variety of solar bamboo rattan lamps make it possible to add a unique aesthetic to outdoor and indoor landscaping designs. They can be shaped into various imaginative shapes and structures according to the needs of designers and users.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: Solar bamboo rattan lamps use solar energy to charge and provide lighting at night without external power supply. This unique way of using energy makes it an energy-saving and environmentally friendly choice that meets the needs of sustainable development in modern society.

3. Functional diversity: In addition to being used for lighting, solar bamboo rattan lamps can also be used in many aspects such as landscape lighting, border marking, and theme decoration. Its versatile application makes it play an important role in outdoor and indoor landscape design.


We have 16 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry, have obtained BSCI, CE and other certifications, and support OEM/ODM. The lighting we produce is directly delivered to customers, without any middleman earning the price difference. Cooperating with us, you will be able to get very competitive prices. Moreover, we strictly control the delivery time of products, and conduct quality inspections on quality and quality to ensure that every lamp can win satisfaction in the hands of customers. This is why we can always be trusted by partners all over the world.

🔊 Difficulties usually encountered in customizing solar rattan lamps

1. Insufficient battery storage capacity: 

When customizing solar bamboo rattan lamps, you may encounter the problem of insufficient battery storage capacity. This may cause the rattan lamps to not provide enough lighting time without sufficient sunlight.

- There is no need to worry about these problems when customizing our solar bamboo rattan lamps. We use a 1800mAh large-capacity battery, which can guarantee continuous lighting for 8-12 hours, which is enough for night use.

2. Low charging efficiency: 

The charging efficiency of solar panels is affected by factors such as weather, seasons, and angles, and sometimes it may not be able to fully meet the needs of night lighting.

- Our solar panels are all made of monocrystalline silicon, which has a higher photoelectric conversion efficiency and is less affected by the weather, so there is no need to worry about rainy weather.

3. Lamp bead life is short: 

The short life of lamp bead is also a common problem and needs to be replaced frequently, which may be caused by poor quality of the lamp bead or excessive use time.

- We use high-quality led lamp beads, and the service life will be longer in comparison.

4. Unsatisfactory lighting effects: 

Sometimes customized solar bamboo rattan lamps may not be able to provide ideal lighting effects, and the light may be too strong or too weak to meet user needs and design requirements.

- We have a professional designer team, and we will customize rattan lamps that meet the customer's usage scenarios and lighting brightness according to customer needs.

5. Poor waterproof performance: 

Solar rattan bamboo lamps usually need to be used in outdoor environments. If the waterproof performance of rattan lamps is not good, rainwater may seep into the interior of the lamps and cause damage.

- We have considered this problem from the very beginning when we designed the solar rattan lamp, so we did a strict test on the protective measures of the solar panel and passed the ip65 waterproof level test.

6. Poor durability: 

Rattan lantern lamps are usually decorative lamps, so under harsh conditions such as wind, sun, humidity, etc., problems such as material damage and fading are prone to occur.

- In order to avoid this kind of problem, we will choose materials with better durability, and carry out anti-mildew and anti-crack treatment on the surface of the lamps to increase the durability of the lamps. Of course, it is also necessary to maintain and maintain the lamps regularly , so as to maximize the life of the rattan lamp.

7. Difficult maintenance: 

Solar bamboo rattan lamps are usually composed of multiple lamp beads and cables. If a part of them fails or is damaged, it may be necessary to replace the entire light group or a large section of cable.

- The solution can be to purchase spare parts in advance, or choose our products. We have a 2-year warranty and perfect after-sales service, which can provide a strong guarantee for your business and use.

Our lighting fixtures are all woven from high-quality materials with certified electrical components to make them last longer.

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