How do you improve your outdoor lighting? | XINSANXING

July 07, 2022
How do you improve your outdoor lighting? | XINSANXING

Outdoor lights, as the name implies, are lighting fixtures that are exposed outdoors. Lighting design and installation can usually be combined with surrounding roads, landscapes and buildings to achieve the unity of functionality and artistry. Outdoor lights are closely related to our lives.So, how do you make your outdoor lights more energy efficient?

1. Use solar outdoor lighting fixtures

Solar powered outdoor lights, this is something people are looking for intensely. It only needs a solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity and then use it for its own use. Modern smart solar outdoor lights automatically turn on at night and automatically turn off during the day, which makes people more reassuring. In conclusion, solar outdoor lights can not only save installation costs, but also save people's electricity bills.


2. Use outdoor lamps with human body sensing function

The induction lamp is based on infrared induction. The human body induction lamp is a new technology designed and developed by using the principle of infrared and pyroelectricity to sense human activities. This function can make your outdoor light will not be on all the time, only when people approach the light, the light will automatically turn on, and when the person leaves the lighting range, the light will turn off. This new type of outdoor light greatly saves electricity costs, and is environmental protection and efficient when used.


3. Improve the use environment

A bright yard will always give people a warm and safe feeling at night, and it can also reduce the interference of mosquitoes to a certain extent. Different lighting areas and corners in a small area use different landscaping techniques and must be differentiated. For example: water features, lawns, trees, etc.


At present, most outdoor lights, especially solar outdoor lights, their cost is much lower than the cost of traditional outdoor lights in the long term. Instead of spending more money and manpower, improve your outdoor lights, make them more efficient, and your life will be better!

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