How do I brighten up my backyard at night? | XINSANXING

July 14, 2022
How do I brighten up my backyard at night? | XINSANXING

In the design of many home lighting, most of people only focus on the interior, but is there no need for lights in the backyard? of course not. After all, the backyard is also an important life scene in the home space, so in the lighting design of the backyard, how do i brighten my own backyard?

1. Security lighting

The lighting design in the backyard first ensures the safety of walking at night. If it is a large backyard, there may be paths, steps, and even rockeries in it. After all, backyards with scattered heights are interesting. In general, solar lawn lights can ensure the night lighting of trails, and outdoor solar floor lights provide safety for going up and down stairs.

2. Beautiful lighting

All kinds of green plants are indispensable in the backyard. Low shrubs and tall trees have beautified the backyard. However, when different green plants and green plants in different positions are rendered with lights, the method is completely different.

For low shrubs, it is recommended to use a outdoor solar lawn light, which is lit from above. If the shrub must be photographed from below, it is recommended to take the photo at a farther distance and project it from a long distance to keep the shape of the shrub intact and three-dimensional.

Tall trees are mostly used as backgrounds in gardens, so we need to retain its overall shape and three-dimensional sense to arrange lamps. The lighting method should be based on the relationship between its distance and people, and choose the appropriate lighting method. For example, the use of solar LED light strings to express the overall shape of the tree.

3. Ambient lighting

In addition to roads and trees that can be illuminated in the backyard, some lights can also be expressed in an interesting atmosphere. For example, outdoor solar fence lights and solar lawn lights with other cute shapes are very interesting.

In addition, the emphasis on the columns or decorative lighting on the landscape wall can limit the activity space of the backyard at night. Solar column lamps or solar wall lamps can be used to illuminate the columns one by one, which helps to improve the nighttime orientation.

The backyard is not only a building, but also a feeling. It not only represents the living environment and lifestyle of the owner, but also a carrier of culture, reflecting the taste of the owner. With a reasonable lighting plan, you can enjoy the scenery during the day and enjoy it at night.

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