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August 16, 2022

Woven lamps, as the name suggests, are lamps that are woven by hand using a variety of natural materials and can be used with electrical appliances. With people's pursuit of nature protection, woven lamps, which can better reflect nature, have also become popular.

So how can we make better use of woven lights to decorate our house?

First of all, woven lights of different materials need to be suitable for different scenes. For example, woven chandeliers made of rattan, bamboo and wood materials can be decorated in the living room or dining room, and different sizes of woven chandeliers can be selected for decoration according to the size of the space. It gives people a warm feeling of being close to nature at a glance.

Secondly, if it is a woven table lamp, it can be placed on the desk in the study. When you feel tired from reading or working, you can look up and look at these woven lamps made of natural materials. When you reach out and touch, the unique texture on the lampshade can make people feel more relaxed.

Let's talk about the woven floor lamp, which seems to have a very small range of applications. But its actual effect is very large. For example, placing a woven floor lamp next to the sofa can reflect the plants beside the sofa and also bring a quiet atmosphere to the corner of the sofa. If it is placed next to the coffee table on the balcony, it can provide lighting at night and at the same time serve as a decoration to make the balcony look more atmospheric and natural.


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