• Leading Manufacturer of Woven Lighting


    Leading Manufacturer of Woven Lighting
    Leading manufacturer of woven lighting in the lighting industry, located in Huizhou Zhongkai National High-tech Zone. We are now specializing in natural material lighting.

​​​​​​​Product Series

The company set up a branch factory in Bobai County, Guangxi, the hometown of weaving in China, with fast and convenient access to materials and large production capacity, the design concept of products, the hands of the old local weaving artists can be fully realized.

Our Advantages

The company has obtained ISO9001, BSCI certification, CE, RoHS product certification for European market demand, ETL product certification for North American market demand.

  • Industry Experience
    Industry Experience
    15 years of experience in manufacturing and developing lighting products.
  • Production Base
    Production Base
    OEM/ODM processing, two 2600 square production bases, quality assurance, free design.
  • Certification
    We have obtained many necessary certificates and qualifications, such as ETL, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI.
  • Team
    We have a strong and creative product design and manufacturing team.

​​​​​​​News Overview

In response to the national  "green water and green mountains, is the silver mountain of gold" concept of environmental protection, we have an insight into product direction, to focus on the production of natural materials, like bamboo, rattan, wood, grass, plant hemp, etc.

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