What are the features and advantages of natural material hand-woven lamps?

Natural material hand-woven lamps are favored by people for their unique appearance design, natural texture, good environmental protection performance, and exquisite hand-woven technology to create a warm home atmosphere and integrate art and function.

What materials are the natural materials hand-woven lamps made of ?

What role do they play in use?

    • Bamboo:

      Bamboo is harvested from bamboo forests, and after treatment and processing, it can be made into various woven lighting decorations.Woven using bamboo as the main material, it has the natural texture and texture of bamboo, giving people a natural and fresh feeling. In use, bamboo lamps can not only provide soft lighting effects, but also create a natural and pleasant atmosphere, suitable for placement in living rooms, restaurants and other places.

    • Bamboo:
    • Rattan:

      Rattan is a natural plant fiber that is usually stripped from the vines of vines, branches or roots of vine trees.Rattan is woven as the main material. Rattan is soft and durable, and can be made into lampshades of various shapes and patterns. Rattan lights can create a warm and relaxed atmosphere during use, and are suitable for placement in bedrooms, balconies and other places.

    • Rattan:
    • Palm leaves:

      Palm trees are a common plant that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. The palm tree leaves are stripped and treated, such as washed and dried, to remove excess water and impurities. Typically, the treated palm fronds are cut to the proper length and size and separated into fine fibers for weaving.Palm leaves are used as the weaving material, which is made by exquisite hand-weaving process. The palm leaf lamp has natural texture and beautiful appearance, and has a strong exotic flavor. In use, palm leaf lights can create a unique style and provide soft lighting effects, suitable for placing in leisure places or indoor spaces with original ecological style.

    • Palm leaves:
    • Thatched grass:

      Thatch is a perennial grass commonly found in wetlands and grassland areas. It is also a commonly used material. Thatch is tough and malleable and can be made into thin braids or ropes for weaving lampshades. Thatched lamps have a retro and rustic feel, allowing the light to pass through the fiber gaps to create a soft, warm light effect that can present a natural style and add a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the interior, which cannot be achieved by ordinary industrial materials .

    • Thatched grass:
    • Cotton thread:

      The main raw material of cotton thread is cotton. Cotton is a plant fiber that grows in the fruiting peduncle of the cotton plant. After the cotton is mature, it is made into cotton yarn or cotton thread through the steps of picking, removing seeds, and processing. Cotton thread has good light transmission, air permeability and hygroscopicity. The cotton thread lampshade has a natural rustic feel, presenting a pure, minimalist aesthetic. The appearance design of the cotton thread lamp is usually simple and exquisite, which can produce soft and diffuse light and create a natural, warm and comfortable atmosphere. It is suitable for placing in bedrooms, study rooms and other places.

    • Cotton thread:
    • Other natural materials are also available
    • Other natural materials are also available



  • Consultation and demand confirmation
    Consultation and demand confirmation
    Customers consult our outdoor woven lamp customization service, we understand customer needs, styles, quantities, specifications, etc., and describe the design style, materials, lighting modes, color matching and other characteristics of the lamps.
  • Design and Validation
    Design and Validation
    Our designers customize the design of rattan lamps according to customer needs and special requirements, and communicate through 3D rendering or actual production of samples until customers are completely satisfied.
  • Order and Production
    Order and Production
    After the customer confirms the design plan and quotation, they sign the contract and pay the advance payment. We select the rattan and lamps suitable for the customer from high-quality materials to start production, and regularly submit the production progress to the customer.
  • Installation and after-sales
    Installation and after-sales
    After the production is completed, conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the products meet customer standards, communicate with customers and install them, and provide after-sales service for a certain period of time to ensure customer satisfaction.


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