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August 09, 2023

How to use the solar rattan lantern lamp correctly ?

The solar rattan lantern lamp is a lighting decoration lamp that uses solar panels to collect energy and forms a unique weaving effect through the lamp. It not only provides bright light for indoor and outdoor environments, but also has functional and decorative features. However, the proper use of solar rattan lights is essential to ensure their long life and optimal performance.

Definition and characteristics of solar rattan lamp:

Solar rattan lamp is a decorative lighting fixture powered by solar panels. Its main features include:

- Green and environmental protection: Solar rattan lamps use solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, avoiding dependence on traditional power grids and reducing environmental pollution.

- Economical and energy-saving: Solar rattan lamps do not require power from the grid, and are charged only by absorbing solar energy through solar panels, which reduces energy consumption and saves energy expenses.

- Flexibility and easy installation: The design of solar rattan weaving lights is flexible and diverse, and can be weaved and placed at will according to individual needs. Since it is powered by solar energy, no external power supply and wires are needed, and the installation is easy.

- Multiple functions and modes: Solar rattan lights usually have multiple lighting modes and dimming functions, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different scenes. For example, modes such as constant light, flashing and breathing lights to meet different decoration and lighting effects.

- Weather Resistant and Durable: Solar rattan lights are usually made of waterproof and weather-resistant materials, which can withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions and pollution and guarantee a long service life.

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Solar rattan lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, but please note the following:

1. Indoor use: When using solar rattan lights indoors, make sure the sunlight can shine directly on the solar panels. It is best to place the solar panel near a window to provide enough sunlight. At the same time, make sure that the position of the battery board will not be blocked to ensure normal charging effect. Solar rattan lights can be hung on indoor walls, curtains, door frames, etc. to provide soft and warm lighting effects for the interior.

2. Outdoor use: When using solar rattan lights outdoors, special attention should be paid to the waterproof design of the battery box and circuit. Make sure the solar panel is fully exposed to sunlight to fully absorb solar energy. When using outdoors, make sure the solar rattan light has a suitable waterproof level and can withstand different weather conditions, such as rain and snow. In addition, choose a suitable location to install solar rattan lights, ensure that sunlight can shine on the panels, and do not block the light from the panels.

If the solar rattan lights are not used correctly, it may lead to the following hazards:

- Safety risk: Improper installation or wiring operation may cause safety problems such as short circuit, electric shock or fire. For example, if the wires are exposed to rain or become crushed, there may be a risk of electric shock and fire.

- Product damage: Solar rattan lights need proper installation and use environment. If it is installed in too harsh environment, such as strong sunlight or heavy rain, it may cause damage to the product, such as the performance degradation of solar panels or the damage of lamps.

- Impaired function: Solar rattan lights work by absorbing solar energy to charge and provide lighting. If there is not enough sunlight in the use environment, or the solar panel is blocked, the battery may not be charged normally, so that the lighting time of the lamp will be shortened or it may not work properly.

- Energy waste: If the solar rattan light is not used correctly, such as leaving it on for a long time when no one is using it, it may cause energy waste. Solar charging is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving energy method, and reasonable use can save energy to the greatest extent.

Our solar rattan lights are all made of high-quality weaving materials and electronic accessories that meet international standards, which can extend its service life to the extreme to a certain extent. In addition, we also provide two-year warranty to ensure worry-free after-sales. We support OEM and ODM.

The importance of using solar rattan lamps correctly.

The correct use of solar rattan lights is of great significance to ensure its long-term, stable and continuous use. Here are a few key aspects of using solar rattan lights correctly:

Choose the appropriate scene and area for installation: Solar rattan lights can be used indoors and outdoors, but the area for installation should be selected according to actual needs. Make sure the sunlight shines directly on the solar panel for more abundant energy.

Maintain the cleanliness of solar panels: The performance and brightness of solar rattan lights are directly related to the cleanliness of solar panels. Cleaning the solar panel regularly to keep it free from dust can get more efficient energy conversion and brightness output.

Avoid bad weather conditions: Although solar rattan lights usually have weather resistance, long-term exposure to bad weather conditions (such as heavy rain, strong wind, etc.) will also reduce its service life, so it is necessary to avoid long-term exposure to the sun and rain, which will help For long-term, stable and continuous use of lamps.

In order to avoid these potential hazards, it is recommended that users strictly follow the product instructions and installation guidelines when installing and using solar rattan lights, and ensure that they choose the appropriate environment and use conditions. Check and maintain the solar rattan lights regularly to ensure their safety and long service life.

We have 16 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry, have obtained BSCI, CE and other certifications, and support OEM/ODM. The lighting we produce is directly delivered to customers, without any middleman earning the price difference. Cooperating with us, you will be able to get very competitive prices. Moreover, we strictly control the delivery time of products, and conduct quality inspections on quality and quality to ensure that every lamp can win satisfaction in the hands of customers. This is why we can always be trusted by partners all over the world.

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