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  • Art Decor Solar Rattan Lantern | XINSANXING
    Art Decor Solar Rattan Lantern | XINSANXING
    A great choice for creating a natural atmosphere - our rattan solar lanterns combine traditional craftsmanship with modern solar technology. With its unique design and eco-friendly features, this lantern is the ideal lighting solution for any outdoor or indoor space. As a professional manufacturer, we will serve your wholesale customized solutions.
  • Natural Rattan Hanging Lantern | XINSANXING
    Natural Rattan Hanging Lantern | XINSANXING
    This product is hand-woven using selected natural rattan materials, ensuring that each lantern not only looks natural but also has a solid structure. As an ideal choice for outdoor decoration, whether placed in the garden, courtyard or any outdoor place, it can show its unique charm and practicality. As a direct manufacturer, we master core production technology and efficient production processes to ensure the high quality and market competitiveness of our products. We sincerely invite e-commerce merchants, wholesalers, distributors and large supermarkets around the world to cooperate, provide comprehensive and high-quality sales support and services, and jointly develop a broader market.
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