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  • Where is the woven table lamp suitable for use ? | XINSANXING
    Where is the woven table lamp suitable for use ? | XINSANXING
    As a unique indoor lighting decoration, woven table lamps have unique handicraft beauty and lighting practicality. However, for many people, it is unclear in which scenarios woven table lamps are suitable for use. This article will analyze the application scenarios and applicability of woven table lamps from multiple aspects such as home environment, commercial space and public places, etc., to help you better understand and choose the woven table lamp that suits you.
  • Can bamboo woven lamps be used outdoors ? | XINSANXING
    Can bamboo woven lamps be used outdoors ? | XINSANXING
    Bamboo lamp is a kind of lamp made of bamboo as raw material. Its aesthetics and environmentally friendly properties make it increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor decoration.
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